Largest 6/49 Canada lottery won by Mississauga Ont woman

Lotto lovers are always captivated by big wins. The players play the game with the hope of making it big and it can be exciting to see someone win a huge amount of money as it gives hope for everyone. The largest 6/49 Canada lottery amounting to $64 million jackpot was won by Zhe Wang from Mississauga, Ont. The winning lottery was announced during the draw in October 2015.

Zhe Wang had purchased the ticket from Petro Canada station in Mississauga. She became the sole winner of $64 millions, becoming the first major winner of 6/49 Canada lottery. Surprisingly, she decided to avoid news conference, as it is not mandatory for the winners. Previously, the largest jackpot amounted to $63 millions and that was shared by two winners. With such a huge win, Zhe Wang agreed that her life has changed for good and she hopes to spend the money usefully.


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