La primitiva divides 15 million

The Oldest Established Lottery

The Spanish lottery (or “La Primitiva”) is an extremely popular weekly lottery in Spain. Its history dates back to 1762 when the “Royal Lottery” (Loteria Real) took root in Spain.

La Primitiva lottery is the oldest in the world.  In 1862, the first Spanish lottery disappeared and the Spaniards had to wait more than a century for this Spanish lottery to be reintroduced and relaunched in 1985.  In 2013, the La Primitiva jackpot grew steadily to offer one of the biggest lottery jackpots in the world.  Players from around the world started to get interested because the chances of winning are among the best in comparison to existing lotteries. Since then, La Primitiva has been the most popular Spanish lottery and one of the most popular in the world.

Although many people believe that the winner of a jackpot must repay a large percentage in tax contributions, the La Primitiva lottery offers its players the opportunity to win millions of euros without having to pay taxes to the Spanish state.

la gdHow to play the La Primitiva lottery?

Players must choose 6 numbers in a grid with numbers between 1 and 49.  Six main numbers and one bonus number are drawn from 49 balls.   Those with the Reintegro number increase their chances of winning.

Since November 2012, in order to win the jackpot in La Primitiva, the player must match all six numbers with the lottery balls drawn, as well as the Reintegro winning number (R) randomly assigned to the ticket. La Primitiva draws are usually held in Madrid, Spain.

There are five levels of prizes.  The winning amount varies depending on the combination of numbers you guess correctly.  If no one wins the jackpot, it will remain in place and be added to the next draw. Statistically 1 ticket out of 54 is a winner.

Although La Primitiva is a Spanish lottery, anyone can participate simply by buying their lottery tickets online.

The draw was held in Aug 30, No one took the prize and therefore the prize goes up to 15 million. First Category backers have appeared TWO tickets, awarded € 782,162.80 each and shipped in the towns of Arcos de Jalon (Soria) and Noja (Cantabria).You have a chance to play one of the oldest lotteries in the world and take with you a prize of 15 million euros.

Do not wait to let time pass enter the bonus table and will purchase the lottery ticket which will be held on 04 September.

Good luck and I hope that you will be the next millionaire…


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