Mega Millions Lottery

Earlier known as the Big Game, the Mega Millions lottery was started way back in 1996. It is an American lottery, currently available in 44 states and two jurisdictions, the district of Columbia along with the US Virgin islands.

Playing the Mega millions is cheap and easy. At just $1 for each play, the numbers have to chosen from 1 to 75 for the main numbers and from 1 to 15 for the secondary number. All six have to match the drawn numbers to win the grand jackpot prize.


Starting at $15 million, in case there is a rollover of the jackpot, $5 million gets added each time. There is a megaplier option, available for an additional $1, in quite a few states. With the megaplier, the player gets the non-jackpot prize money according to the multiple that is drawn. Jackpot is paid out in annuity, spread over 20 years or as a cash option that is discounted.


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