Mega Sena waiting for you RS $3 million

Play Mega Sena is the largest lottery game in Brazil is managed by Caixa Econômica Federal Bank. Interesting game whose goal is to change your life for good and easier.

It gives you the chance to win big prizes and nice amounts of money. And one of our key goals of this game is to raise funds for a variety of social programs as well as to contribute to education in Brazil, and then you will know when you buy a ticket Mega Sena you help many other people who need help.

Every game we never know what the numbers are up to fate … but we are supposed to believe and hope philosophers say when you believe in something you want to happen to you is going to happen at the end. Because what we are transmitters to the universe is what the universe will bring to us .We should be always with an open heart and mind.

mega gdThere are several superstitions Brazilians believe

When you prepare a cup of coffee – Put the sugar first before coffee it is believed this will make you rich. Your wallets always keep Bag or pocket that will fall on the floor that it will take all the money from you. And more faith that will help you win the Mega Sena is to eat lentils on the first day of January this will ensure you make money in the same year. And of course the old faith – do not go under a ladder because it brings bad luck.

How to play the Brazilian lottery Mega Sena  

Players must choose 6 numbers in a grid between 1 and 60 numbers. If your 6 numbers match, you’ll be the lucky winner of the jackpot. There are only three winning prizes; the winning amount varies depending on the combination of numbers and the Bonus Ball number that you choose.

Latest Lottery Results

Lottery numbers that come 6-18-24-27-56-59

The next draw will take place on Saturday 6 September the prize amounts to
RS$ 3 million. Take your superstitions Dispatch universe positive messages acquire the next lottery ticket and we wish you to be the next millionaire.


Good Luck !!!



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