Men suing the U.S. National Lottery: “We threw the tickets in the trash …”

Unpublished lottery numbers in real time… 

Men’s from New York sued the New Jersey Lottery… The claim that they are not updated the winning numbers on the site so they threw the ticket in the trash when they saw their numbers are increased in the lottery

Two men from New York Salvatore Cambria and Eric Anig’o purchased last March lottery ticket purchased in New Jersey on the draw at 23/03​​examined the company’s online numbers and when they saw their numbers were not throwing the card in the trash

But the next day found that their numbers actually won the big lottery and the problem was that the site did not update the winning numbers situ … and immediately they began to search for the trash cans thrown card, but the container has been transferred shredded and was lost form.

So now they claim that the factory Lottery fault. They are supposed to pay them their full winnings, their demand of the two receiving a significant backup because they have two more additional forms and have appropriate arrangements sequence winning ticket.

Meaning they bought three forms and one of them was winning form

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