Oz Lotto ResultsOz Lotto Results, Winning Numbers, Draws, Jackpot, Australian Lotto NSW 05.01.2016


Oz Lotto results for Tuesday 05 January 2016

Oz Lotto results was held  at 05 January 2016 was the amount of the jackpot a  AUD$ – million numbers that come up are:

 19  33  18  25 37  31  43  13   34

The last Oz Lotto draw was held on Tuesday. The draw on Tuesday ,Do you have a lottery ticket?

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If you like statistics lets take a look at the numbers of OZ Lotto :

Most common lottery numbers: 33-7-7-28-2-25-29-3

Least often picked numbers: 10-9-13-30-38-42-11-32

Most overdue numbers: 38-31-12-3-41-34-35-24

Most common pairs: 25-27, 17-34, 12-17, 27-35, 3-21, 5-16, 28-33, 42-45

Most common consecutive pairs: 2-3, 7-8, 19-20, 33-34, 16-17, 1-2, 20-21, 28-29

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More Lotteries this week :

Mega Millions on Tuesday jackpot is: $ 117 million

La Primitiva take place on Thursday jackpot is: €- million

Powerball the lottery on Wednesday jackpot is: $ – million

SuperEnaLotto  jackpot stands at € – million

Prize Breakdown

Category Winners Division Prize Pool ($)
Division 1    
Division 2  
Division 3    
Division 4    
Division 5    
Division 6    
Division 7    


Good luck for everyone !!!


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