The Time for Spanish El Gordo de Navidad Lottery has Come!

As Christmas time draws nearer there are gifts a plenty to be expected from parents, family, friends and loved ones.  It is a time for sharing and a time for caring, and definitely a time for giving. is firmly a believer in all of these, and is therefore proud to bring you another year of the Spanish El Gordo de Navidad Lottery to play online.  But what is the El Gordo Lottery? Where does it come from and when is it held? We’ve got all the information about the prestigious annual draw for you below:


Known as one of the oldest and largest lotteries in the world, the Sorteo Extraodinario de Navidad or Loteria de Navidad as it is sometimes known, began in 1812 and is a firm Spanish tradition.

The draws are held annually in Madrid, Spain on 22nd December.  Considered an international as well as national event the game differs from standard or traditional lottery in some significant ways.  Simple lottery games feature a brief draw that goes off without much fuss, whereas El Gordo draws take hours to complete because of the number of prizes and the format of the game being closer to a raffle than a straightforward lottery.  Right in time for Christmas, the El Gordo is a very well supported and extremely popular lottery game with an estimated 98% of the Spanish population participating each year.  And why not, winning with the Spanish Christmas lottery is immensely prosperous.  The total amount of all prizing paid out in the first category amounts to an astonishing €720 million!  Players have a 10% chance to win big, with payouts in the form of a lump sum to further increase incentive to play.


Two machines called ‘bombos’, house thousands of inscribed balls.  One bombo holds balls with a predetermined number combination, and another has a prize value on it.  The predetermined number is printed on numerous tickets, and when selected or matching, the holders of those tickets are granted with the cash winning that gets drawn from the second machine.  Prizing is therefore allotted to players who have tickets whose numbers match the numbers drawn.  Due to this format, the Christmas lottery ensures that lottery tickets usually sell out well before the draw takes place.

The five digit number sequence is repeated across multiple tickets with the exact amount of times a sequence is repeated differing from draw to draw, but can be as much as 195 times.  Full tickets may then further be divided into tenths, known as ‘decimos’, with most players choosing to purchase in this form.  There is the option to purchase full tickets, known as a ‘billete’ which allows your win to be increased.   Decimo ticket holders are entitled to a tenth of the prize if their numbers match.  A full ticket holder is therefore entitled to the full amount of prizing.


This year’s draw will definitely have players worldwide participating in record numbers.  As if the jackpot totals are not enough motivation, here are some examples of the prizing doled out in last year’s 2013 Spanish El Gordo de Navidad lottery draw (these prize values represent the amounts won by each of the 160 full ticket holders in the respective tiers):

First Prize      – €4,000,000.00

Second Prize – €1,250,000.00

Third Prize    – €500,000.00

Fourth Prize – €200,000.00

Fifth Prize     – €60,000.00

Although the draw only takes place December 22nd, ticket sales occur months prior, so it’s therefore common for tickets to be sold out as draw time approaches.  It’s also equally important to note that the Spanish Government imposes 20% tax on all winnings over €2,500.00, not that it matters that much considering how lucrative winning with the El Gordo really can be.  With the draw right around the corner be sure to buy lottery tickets online with and remember to check back to the handy site which will also keep you up to date with the games developments and draw results.  Good luck world lotto fans!

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Good luck everyone !!!


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