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The current Powerball big prize stands at $116 million in annuity value and $65.5 million in cash value. The last draw’s lucky numbers made five fortunate people into millionaires, with them winning the $1 million each prize. The earlier jackpot that was won was as recently as about a month back and the jackpot value was $292 millions. The big prize winner was the only one to take home the jackpot, without having to share it with anyone else.

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Lucky numbers do come up and who knows, yours could be up next for the grand jackpot prize. With the ticket costing just $2, now is a good time to take a chance and get your hat in the ring for the jackpot. Powerball is available in 44 US states. And it is also available in District of Columbia and US Virgin islands. For today’s draw, you can still purchase your ticket.


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