$12 million were lost

2_accordeonThe winner did not come to receive the prize …
On Monday evening officially lost wins the $ 12 million prize
Probably never knew about his win, he did not ask for the winning
After six months of waiting and searching for the winner did not come from the state of Texas to receive the award.
The prize is no longer waiting for more… Money comes now to the state treasury and donated to schools in need
This prize is the biggest that was not since 2001 and the third largest since the game began in 1992.”It is very sad …” says spokeswoman Kelly cripe Committee.
The winner bought the ticket at a gas station shell League City may have lost the ticket or else he did not check the card or just do not believe he owns the winning sequence.
Lottery officials have made efforts for six months to look for the winner and try to find him to help him get the prize before the end of 180 days, but it was all in vain.
More than 837 million dollars returned to the state budget of 1995 – prizes did not come and get them.
State’s lottery system was established in 1992 and since then is the entrance to the state treasury $ 4.4 billion
In the last fiscal insertion 1.21 million to the state budget and million from schools.
Sean Mohammed is it sold the winning ticket: gas station manager says “At least the schools get the money it is a positive thing” he had received 121 thousand dollars from the state that sold the winning ticket. Rashid Harris – claims the shop with a lot of luck lottery and there were a lot of winners
But he felt really bad for him winner all the time, wondering who it could be? He lost the opportunity of a lifetime $ 12 million did not get to take it just crazy….
Jill Howard lottery expert says “Many are losing their tickets or you forget to check on them he recommends to anyone who buys a ticket and put it in a fixed place and do not forget to check it … and treat each ticket he winning ticket.
If you do not want to be those that the card is going to have lost or just simply forget to check the ticket … and those prize slips them life…. So go ahead and fill ticket and every day you enter the site the results page and check it … and always believe that you are that can be Good luck The following winners…






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