Loteria-de-NavidadHistory of Loteria de Navidad

The lottery of the Loteria de Navidad, The first took place December 1812 in the city of Cadiz the lottery was established to increase revenue to the state and public tax authority. In 1814 the first the lottery took place in Madrid and the Spanish National Lottery has become.
The lottery Loteria de Navidad is a lottery of Christmas. The lottery takes place unlike any other lottery. School students in San Ildefonso sing live the lottery results public in Lotería Nacional Hall of Madrid!

The laws of the Loteria de Navidad

The lottery Loteria de Navidad Spanish Christmas Lottery Ticket 100000 prints with the 5-digit codes 00000-99999. Due to the games popular each ticket is printed in 160 copies. Ticket is divided into 10 sheres be called “decimos” which can be purchased separately.

This formula explains the huge number of shares at 22 December lottery. Ticket 100000 * 160 copies * 10 shares = 160 million shares.Awards: the number of tickets and shares and prices may vary from year to year. In 2004 there were 66,000 different five-digit numbered tickets in 195 copies.

In 2005, the number of tickets for sale was 85,000 which were offered in 170 copies. In 2011, there were 99,000 tickets printed in 160 copies.

In which country is the Loteria de Navidad lottery held?


Win Loteria de Navidad

Loteria de Navidad offers such no chances of winning any lottery in the world. 7: 1, the world’s largest lottery prize of $ 2.2 billion worldwide highest award.
The highest prize is € 4 million, with an amazing 1: 100,000 chances of winning the top prize – almost 1,160 times better than the odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot! Loteria de Navidad one to take the first prize will receive an immediate € 4 million.

Loteria de Navidad will further € 640 million jackpot prizes to 160 tickets with a code the lottery winner. About 98% of the adult population of Spain this lottery games.

Even if regularly do not play the lottery lottery ticket Loteria de Navidad all participants. Expected to be more than 275 million tickets to participate in this lottery, the number of tickets is limited so you have to hurry up and book tickets for jackpot closes on 21 December.

Conclusion the Loteria de Navidad

Loteria de Navidad, Spanish Christmas lottery annual national lottery. The lottery there is more than 200 years and takes place once a year during the Christmas season.
She is considered the world’s biggest lottery with mad chances of winning a 1: 7 and there are more than 27 ways to take the jackpot.

Spanish television on Loteria de Navidad

Lottery Loteria de Navidad is the focus of countless commercials on television news reports and stories in all previous months lottery. 98% of the adult population of Spain plays the game this huge Loteria de Navidad.

Everyone wants to hear the melody of a million students San Ildefonso and how they sing the lottery results game was held for about 3 hours and continue until all prizes are taken.

First prize: € 4 million
Second prize: € 1250 million
Third prize: € 500000.00
Furth prize: € 200000.00
Fifth prize: € 60000.00



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