Oz-LottoHistory of the Oz Lotto lottery

Oz Lotto was created on February 26th, 1994 and is one of the richest national lotteries in the Southern Hemisphere.

Unlike many national lotteries, the drawing takes place once a week. The first Australian lottery game was setup by the Tatts Group. Currently, Tattersall and state lotteries operate as a block which jointly conducts the smooth operation of the lotteries in the country.

Initially, the game was established, such that one had to obtain 6 numbers between 1 and 45.  From October 18th, 2005, a seventh number started to be drawn, which resulted in an increased chance of winning a first-rate prize . The OZ Lotto jackpot starts at AU$ 1 million and increases with each draw if there is no winner!

Oz Lotto currently holds the record for the largest jackpot on the Australian continent. It guarantees a minimum of progressive jackpots of $2,000,000 which often grow well beyond their guaranteed amount as was the case in 2009 with a record jackpot of about AU$ 106 million. Oz Lotto gives players the opportunity for its player to play large sums of money by organizing the Oz Lotto’s Superdraws 7 times per year with an exceptional jackpot.

How to play the Australian OZ Lotto lottery ?

Players must choose 7 numbers in a grid containing between 1 and 45 numbers.  If the 7 numbers match, you will be the lucky winner of the jackpot.  You can also increase your chances of winning a cash prize by choosing an additional 8th number, which is the Bonus Ball, also known as the complementary number.The drawings of the OZ Lotto takes place in Australia by the Tattersalls, seven numbers are drawn plus the Bonus Ball number.

There are seven levels of winnings, the amount of earnings varies depending on the combination of numbers and the number of the Bonus Ball.

Oz Lotto Jackpot details:

In June 2009 Oz Lotto jackpot distributed its record jackpot of $ 106 million Australian dollars.

In 2012 one lucky winner also saw his numbers come out of the draw and won more than 74 million AUD.

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Prize Matching numbers Chances of winning
1st 7 1:45,379,620
2nd 6+1 1:3,241,401
3rd 6 1:180,078
4th 5+1 1:29,602
5th 5 1:3,430
6th  4 1:154
7th  3+1 1:87
Date of drawing Type of Jackpot Cash value Payable taxes
Tuesday at 20:25 Cash

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