History of Lotto

histoty of lottoHistory began keno lotto Chinese Dynasty in 1871 and 205 BC .
These lotteries believed to help finance large government projects Great Wall of China .
The first European lotteries were held during the Roman Empire mainly in amusement at parties and dinners, each guest will receive a ticket, prizes usually consisted of special specifications example Dinnerware.

Each card was sure would win something above was kind of a lottery but it was no more than the distribution of gifts by the wealthy.
Caesar Augustus is the one who made the first lottery and money for repairs was recruited in and Persians were articles of equivalent value.

The first lottery in which prizes were silver were humiliated in the 15th century took place in different cities public . Lotteries to raise money for town barricade and to help the poor example of the city of Utrecht and Ghent or Bruges .One of the largest lottery in the Netherlands was 17 to collect money for the poor or to raise funds for all kinds of public uses lotteries were very popular in the Netherlands.

First Italian lotto was on January 9, 1449 in Milan organized by the Republic of gold to finance the war against the Republic of Venice.But Genoa lottery has become very popular. There used to bet on the names of the Board members.


France 1539-1789

King of France Frnsaoh first discovered the lotto when he visited Italy and then decided to organize one in the kingdom lottery funds to help the state, the first French Lottery Lotto Roil was held in 1539.
But this experience as towards the cards were very expensive.Who all was to allow himself to buy tickets objected.

And hundreds of years later was that the prohibition in France.


Official lottery in England was remembered by Queen Eliza first daughter in 1566 and continued until 1569 lottery intended to raise funds for the compensation of receivers.Each ticket won prizes were shaped silver plates and other precious commodities.

We learn that in all the history of the lotto lotteries were used to finance the political projects of the same country, the game was always popular in the centuries before and above us the contemporary lottery games are here and now contribute to our customers in the leisure time and the ability to dream … and contributing to the community for the future better..


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