£300k Lotto Cash prize for Belfast Cleaning Women

A cleaner in East Belfast is celebrating her victorious moments of joy for having won some real bonanza of 300k loot on a Scratch lotto. Winner’s name is Maureen Wilkinson who recently celebrates the occasion with her daughter Kimberly.  Hailing from the Cregagh area, Maureen was found to be in a jubilant mood celebrating the occasion in the Culloden hotel last night. Having won more than a quarter million out of her winning lotto combination, she says, she would not touch the mop again in her lifetime. Her son drove her, to the job facility where she does the cleaning work on a regular basis for years together now.

The 58 year old was overwhelmed with joy after having won some upbeat lotto prize. It took her some time to realize the fact that she had actually hit a jackpot. She did not utter even a single word to anyone all until she left for her home. She says, she had that additional spring at work, throughout the 5 hours of her shift on that particular day- the day she won the lotto. She agrees that she had won several lotteries earlier, but nothing more than two hundred Euros cash prize at the most. Play online lottery is fun and you’ll enjoy it.

Winning strategies and the winning odds, to arrive at the right conclusions can matter the most, when it comes to gambling, betting or even while playing online lotteries. The sheer thrill and excitement in taking part in live gambling action and the enthrallment involved in the guesses, gets one addicted to gambling. Win or lose it does not matter, as there is always a kick in what you do to excel out here. Playing lotto can help you win millions in a second and that’s the beauty of the game.

Online lotteries can be won by anyone, it doesn’t need to be a rich man to win a lottery. A poor man or a rich man, irrespective of his stature can win online lotto, that’s the beauty. Therefore, it’s good to buy lotto tickets, but only relying on it as a source of livelihood may not be a wise idea. This is because of the fact that this is a game and not making it an addiction is in your own hands. It’s good to have the passion to win, but you need to set the limits, as to where the boundary should close in.


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