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Latest Megamillions lottery was held on Friday 21 November. The numbers that come up are: 3-12-35-37-63 and powerful number 15. Unfortunately no one took the jackpot not guess all the numbers. But also have no second prize no one correct guess 5 numbers therefore one took the $ 1 million.
So tomorrow night is the draw for the Megamillions and jackpot will amount to $ 52 million.


100% bonus match on the first purchase

In gaintlottos has a choice of programs that you can play, for example to buy a single ticket for the lottery of the Megamillions or alternatively you can purchase a ticket and play in the syndicate where you can increase your chances of winning. The bonus that gaintlottos purchase foremost suitable for on-site and in any amount purchased, for example: $ 200 you will get $ 200 back Think of that any amount up to £ 500 you get back to your account…. the lottery tomorrow is the sum of $ 52 million, you do not give up such a jackpot with such bonus.


About GiantLottos

GiantLottos has established itself as one of the leading global lottery websites since it was launched in 2007. The GiantLottos brand has risen to the top of the industry largely due to the unparalleled customer service they offer their members and the sleek design of their website.
Whilst the website is currently only available in English, they will be adding further language options in the near future. GiantLottos offers nine of the world’s largest lotteries and also allows players to choose customised combinations of lotteries according to their individual preference.

Their renowned customer service is always available for players via either e-mail or phone and each registered player is looked after by a dedicated account manager giving customers a very personal playing experience. There is also a mobile version of the website which is available to customers on the move.

Good luck everyone !!!


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