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The aptly-named, 7Lottos, proudly declare on their website that “Every Day is a Lotto Day” – and they mean it literally.

By offering some of the world’s biggest and best lottery games (currently: Mega Millions, EuroMillions, UK National Lottery, Lotto 6aus49, Austria Lotto, France Loto and SuperEnalotto), 7Lottos provide players with an opportunity to play a different international lottery game every day of the week.

How to Play 7Lottos?

Players can play ‘solo’ (i.e. buying a single lottery ticket in the traditional manner) or as part of the innovative 7Lottos Syndicate.

With the 7Lottos Syndicate, players can choose one of three tiered packages to play. Each gains entry into all of the earlier-mentioned lotteries, with players able to opt for 49, 105 or 217 chances to win per week. Effectively, each ‘chance’ represents a share in a ticket for each lottery draw (with each syndicate comprising of 100 players), and therefore you can get up to 217 shares in tickets every week – vastly increasing your chances of winning.

If you’d like to play regularly as part of the 7Lottos Syndicate, you can set up a Direct Debit to pay for your tickets – making managing your lottery play completely effortless. Of course, you cancel your subscription at any time in your My Account section.

How 7Lottos Works?

7Lottos uses an alternative approach to traditional lottery providers, by guaranteeing payments using an insurance model. For players this makes no difference to how you play as – should you win – you will be paid out exactly as you would as if you had purchased a ticket directly from the provider. This merely allows 7Lottos to offer better value to players, by using an insurance company (Lloyd’s of London) to pay out all winnings. This is painless and unnoticeable to players though, with your winnings heading straight into your 7Lottos account without any fuss. For larger wins of between €2500 and €1 million, payments will be made to your account in no more than 15 days after being verified.

  • Country Denmark, UK and Gibraltar
  • Since 2015
  • Apps Mobile
  • Bet min 5 EUR
  • Bonus cashback Not at the moment
  • Retrait 2-5 days
  • Single line
  • Syndicat
  • Subscription

Playing Lottery at 7Lottos

Players must be at least 18 years old to play at 7Lottos, but can take part in any of the seven lottery games they have available.

Included in the 7Lottos offering is America’s record-breaking Mega Millions, which created the world’s biggest lottery jackpot in 2012, worth a jaw-dropping $656 million. But that’s not all. Also available to play is the king of the European lotteries, EuroMillions, which generated a £161.7 million lottery winner in the UK in 2011. Among the other lotteries available at 7Lottos are the national lotteries of Germany, France, Italy, Austria and the UK. Quite a line-up.

Selecting single tickets at 7Lottos is simple, you can pick your own numbers using the easy-to-use ticket form, select your last used numbers or go for the Random Pick tool to select your numbers at random.

A vast range of prizes are available at 7Lottos, with prizes available matching those offered by the lottery provider. For example, if you buy a ticket for the UK National Lottery at 7Lottos, you will win £25 if you match three numbers and can win any of the prizes for matching four or five numbers, as well as the multi-million jackpot prize if you manage to get all six. When you win a prize, you’ll automatically be notified via email – so there’s no chance you’ll miss out on a prize. Likewise, you’ll also be notified of any prize you win when playing as part of the 7Lottos Syndicate.


7Lottos provides an enjoyable lottery experience. They have a fantastic product offering in the shape of single tickets and syndicate play for a host of top quality lottery games, and the whole thing is wrapped up in an easy-to-use website that makes playing lotto hassle-free.


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