How to Win the Lottery?

How to Win the Lottery? Lottery is a game of chance. Winning a game of chance is a matter of chance. Out of any number of tickets, to pick the one with the winning number, is random. However, there are tricks that people find useful to reduce the randomness and win the lottery.

So what are these tricks that you can also use and increase your chances of winning the lottery? Obviously more the number of tickets you buy, higher are your chances of landing with the lucky ticket. However there is a cost to buying a lottery ticket. If you spend too much money just buying, and do not win anything, that’s good money gone. So rather than buying a few tickets every week, some people like to increase their chances by grabbing a large number of tickets just once, and thus increase the number of attempts they can have at winning the big prize. Such people tend to buy tickets when the jackpot amount is particularly large.winner

Most people tend to stick to their birth dates or their loved ones birth dates as their lucky number to choose the lottery ticket (check your lucky numbers). Therefore, a set of people are of the thought that selecting a number higher than 31 (31 days in a month) will increase their chance of winning something. If the number comes up, they will win something substantial, as chances are fewer people would have bet on a number higher than 31.

Another way of have a chance at winning the lottery is to join a pool. A set of people in the office, or club join their resources to buy a larger number of tickets together. In case of a win, they also divide the win pro rata. It is proven that most lottery wins are by those people who team up their resources and buy a large number of lottery tickets collectively. But do remember to collect a photocopy of all the tickets purchased, so there is no problem later on in case ticket from your pool wins big.


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Every time you buy the lottery, buy the same number. For that number will come up, sometime. If you change the number each time, your chances of winning will be lower. For understand, that by sticking to the same number, you are neutralizing one element of the probability. Patience definitely pays, when it comes to winning the lottery.

Do your research thoroughly. Research the pattern of winning numbers. While there is no guarantee, chances of recent winning numbers being repeated early, are slim.

Another way of ensuring a win is to go for lotteries with smaller prize monies. Perhaps it may be that fewer people buy the ticket for smaller prizes, so your chance of winning may be higher.

Buy a scratch card. A typical scratch card has a certain set of odds, for example, 1:5. Thus buying 5 tickets will ensure that you get at least one prize.

How to win the lottery has no surefire technique. But taking a number of steps as enumerated above will ensure that you minimize the randomness associated with lottery and improve the possibility of winning.


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