How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers?Most winners of lotteries say there is a technique to it. While lottery sites have quick pick options in which the machine does the work for you and picks a set of random numbers for you, people think that this is not the most efficient way. Quick pick numbers are not very likely to get a favorable result.

When left to do it on their own, most people tend to pick numbers that are either birthdates or anniversaries of self or loved ones. Even this method does not ensure the randomness of numbers and success.

How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers? Picking winning lottery numbers, there are several ways. Study the numbers that have come up in the draws in the past. There are frequency charts available, that show how many times a particular number has shown up in a winning list. The data is the surest way to come up with a good list of winning numbers, if you do look at it very thoroughly. It is important that you look up the frequency chart of results for the lottery that you intend to play. Different lotteries have different results. Numbers that have come up often in winning lists in the pasts are very likely to continue to come up in draws in future as well. So you may want to pick up lines with these numbers. Do remember to look at the odds for these numbers before you decide. The risk with this strategy is that plenty of people would be trying to do the same thing, so if the numbers do get called up in the draw, you will end up having to share the prize.

The other strategy is the complete opposite of the one listed above which is that you pick up numbers that are very infrequent in the frequency charts. If these numbers turn out to be the winning numbers, in all likelihood you would get the biggest chunk of the prize. However do remember that it is still a lottery and all numbers stand an equal chance of being pulled out in the draw.

There are other tricks as well, for example picking a range of numbers as low as possible. Select three numbers from between 1 to 8 and the other three numbers also as close as possible to eight. Once you have selected your numbers, add them up and see that their total is less than the highest number permitted in the lottery. For example, if the highest number to choose from is 59, and you have opted for 1, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 11, then these add up to 41 and it is less than 59, so it is a good choice. In this manner, select multiple set of numbers for your different lines. Second way is to select numbers as high as possible, since most people tend not to pick high numbers. You can select the same number in multiple tickets if it is a good number as winning numbers do repeat.


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