US Judge Wins $291 Million In Lottery, Brother Wins $7

WASHINGTON:  A US judge who went on a month-long fishing vacation in the Florida Keys has won the USD 291 million Powerball while his brother too won, but just USD 7.

Earlier last week, the Pennsylvania judge James Stocklas and his brother Bob bought lottery tickets on the way home from the beach.

James Stocklas, 67, won the USD 291 million Powerball and his brother won USD 7, the Florida Lottery said.

After Wednesday’s drawing, the judge had returned to work, and was sitting at the restaurant where he eats breakfast every day. He happened to check the numbers on his phone and realised he had won.

To celebrate, he bought breakfast for everyone in the restaurant, CNN reported.

The Florida lottery noted the double winners by printing Bob Stocklas a full-size winner’s cheque.

James Stocklas chose the lump sum payment of USD 191 million, the Florida Lottery said. There is no word on whether he will bring his brother back to Florida with him, the report said.


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