€126 million Jackpot in the SuperEnaMax Lottery

superggggggdThe SuperEnaMax lottery on October 18 drew the numbers: 20-40-44-53-66-72 and hold number 73. No one won the jackpot but there were nine players who guessed five numbers and they won a total of €30,057. The next drawing will take place on October 21 with a jackpot of €126 million.

In 2014 SuperEnaMax Reached Very High Jackpots

Italy’s largest lottery, the SuperEnalotto, gives players the chance to win its minimum jackpot of £75 million, and each draw the jackpot increases by another £5 million.

Orcia Valley, Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy is one of the most beautiful places in the world. In the Southern region you can find the Orcia Valley area, one the most romantic areas, in the world. The atmosphere, scenery, food, wine, coffee, ice cream and Italian language make the magical valley a romantic pleasure for each couple that comes to visit.
This area is called Tuscany – adorned with green hills and cypress wood. Orcia Valley Visitors couples are often advised to stay in the ancient villa in Pienza, which has been renovated while maintaining the heritage of the past and is often used to host tourists.
Many villas are located on hilltops overlooking endless views where you can feel the romance in unique and enchanting villages, ancient towns, the boutique wineries, and the authentic Italian cafes and restaurants.

One winning lottery ticket can help you visit one of the most romantic cities in the world. The biggest drawing in Italy is being held next on Oct 21.
You have to get six numbers to win the jackpot and become one of the rich and wealthy.
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We hope you are lucky. You can’t win it, unless you’re in it.

Good luck everyone !!!


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