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US PowerBall Lotto Results for Saturday 16th May 2015

US Powerball Lotto Results was held  at 16 May 2015 was the amount of the jackpot a $ 110 million numbers that come up are:

 24  29  38  48  52 32 

The last lottery was held on Wednesday. No one hit the jackpot.But there were 3 players one from California, one from Florida, and one from Ohio. Who managed to guess 5 numbers and each of them took $ 1 million. Congratulations to all the winners. Will be a crazy weekend in the US jackpot stands at $ 269 million.

Mega Millions will be held on Friday jackpot stands at $ 159 million. Powerball jackpot stands at $ 110 million.

Do you have a lottery ticket for Saturday night? Do your numbers ready? Everyone is used to buy a single lottery ticket. But as we know there is the possibility to buy syndicate lottery ticket playing one ticket with group of people, on the same ticket with more lines than more numbers, as well as higher chances of winning.

There are a lot of syndicate tickets that took the jackpot! Examples from the draw held on 7 February: John “Trainer” Martin He and 51 colleagues at John Martin & Associates pooled their money to buy Powerball tickets for the February 7 draw. One of the tickets ended up matching five of six numbers that night for a whopping $ 1,388,464 payout!

Martin confesses he didn’t even know his office had won more than a million dollars until he was on his way to work two days later! “I carpool with my assistant. She got into the car and said, ‘Trainer, we won!’ When we got to work, everyone was happy and dancing and smiling – I was too, because I was part of it!”

Everybody is dreaming about winning the lottery! Must not stop dreaming because dreams are meant to come true!Hurry perhaps this is your lucky day! Take your ticket numbers and start to play, we wish you to be the next millionaire.

Lotteries of the weekend:

Mega Millions will take place on Friday jackpot stands at $ 159 million

Eurojackpot will take place on Friday jackpot will be € 90 million

Euromillions will take place on Friday jackpot stands at € 15 million

South Africa Powerball will take place on Friday jackpot will be R3 million

Irish Lotto will be held on Saturday jackpot stands at € 2.5 million

South Africa Lotto will take place on Saturday jackpot will be R15 million

Prize Breakdown

Category Winners Prize (€)
Match 5 and 1 Star  
Match 5  
Match 4 and 1 Star  
Match 4  
Match 3 and 1 Stars  
Match 3   
Match 2 and 1 Star  
Match 1 and 1 Stars  
Match 0 and 1 Stars  

Good luck for everyone !!!


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