Rich Winners and the Average Person

You can see the difference between them of thinking

1. A rich person’s state of mind makes them happier – they know that money does not guarantee happiness, only a more comfortable and easier life.

2. People who have won the lottery can spend the money on themselves without feeling selfish. They do not need to give their money away in order to feel happy, since money has made them happy, they do not need to try to save the world.

3. Dream about the future: average people get up in the morning, go to work, and think about the work they are doing at that moment. On the other hand, the rich can get up in the morning and think ahead in order to turn their dreams to reality.

4. Winners are able to pursue their passions. Average people go to work in order to maintain stability and balance in their lives, without asking for anything more. But the winners in the lottery are free to do what they want, and the majority of them pursues their passions and invests time in their hobbies.

5. Winners in the lottery have high expectations. The rich have more money to play with and therefore their expectations grow – whatever they want they can get for themselves.

6. Rich people live their lives according to their means, while the average person struggles to live their life from paycheck to paycheck. The winners can afford to live life as they want and still make ends meet, because they have the financial resources to back them up.

7. Winners in the lottery take more risks while the average person does not take risks, and plays it safe when deciding on how to invest their money.

8. Winners are healthier – healthcare costs a lot of money, and the rich can afford better healthcare.

Well, you too can be one of those who has dreamed and succeeded in making their dreams come true.

Choose one lottery game from around the world, and maybe next time you will be the winner.

Do you think there is a difference between the winner and the rich?

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