Lottery Results

Lottery results announce the winners for the day, for the week and for the jackpot. The results for Lotto, Euromillions, Thunderball, Hotpicks all make winners, whether it is half a million or multi-million draws.

The lottery numbers are picked from 1 to 59. Six digits lucky for some, make a millionaire. The lottery results are also picked from 1 to 59. The draw picks a number, then the next number from the remaining balls, and so on. Six numbers are so decided and the final number and the bonus ball is taken out from a separate set. If the draw doesn’t make a jackpot winner, the amount gets rolled over.

Thunderball prizes are won if five numbers match and the Thunderball number is also matched. The jackpot is won if all six numbers are matched and the bonus ball number is also matched. The numbers are drawn live on national television and the results are also streamed on youtube, so if you are not in front of your tv, you can surely watch the results on your computer or mobile. The draw is announced at night, usually in between 21.55 pm and 22.05 pm. Even if results of the jackpot draw are not favourable, there is still the raffle millionaire to be announced and also other raffle prizes of £20000 each for a number of people.

Picking winning lottery numbers is not a science; it is surely a game of chance. However, consistency does play a part and give luck a big support. Try to pick the same numbers each time you buy a lottery ticket, your turn will surely come. Also try to play less often but when you play, buy more number of tickets. That way, you get more options in a single draw and higher chance of winning on a particular draw. Lottery results are not necessarily about the big prize each time. Play frequently to win small amounts will cover your cost of buying the tickets and you will always be in for a chance to win the main prize. Either strategy has its pros and cons. It also depends on how much time and money you have to spare.

Check the lottery results online, to find out if you have won. Even if you have purchased the ticket from a retailer, you can still check online. The lotto results depend on the lotto numbers. For the lotto raffle winning, the colors and the numbers, both have to match. There are scratch card lotteries as well. Even the scratch card lotteries can turn up millionaires through their prizes. Winning the lottery is not just a life changing event for the winners and their families. The lotteries in UK, all contribute a substantial sum of money collected through ticket sales to several charities. This money goes a long way in making life better for a whole lot of people in need of better living conditions. So while lottery may be a game of chance, it isn’t all bad.

The question what are the lottery results should be answered by now!


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