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WinTrillions was founded in 2005 and it has expanded rapidly to become the world’s largest lottery site, with more than 42 lotteries, millionaire raffles and exclusive syndicates to choose from.

Owned by Ledonford, WinTrillions now has over 480,000 customers in more than 118 countries around the world, offering lottery tickets in 13 different languages.

The company operates an international lottery messenger service to purchase tickets in the name of its clients, who each receive a scanned copy of their lottery ticket before every draw. Clients are notified when they win and winnings below $600 are transferred automatically to their WinTrillions account. For larger prizes, a dedicated winners’ support team is in place to process the claim.

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WinTrillions prides itself on offering an exceptional customer service experience, and on providing a safe and fun online environment, for all the players. Customers can enjoy mobile applications, which allow them to play and provide access to all services, such as lotto results and account pages. Customers can contact WinTrillions via Live Chat or email.

The customer pays only for their subscription and they are free to cancel at any time in return for a partial refund based on the number of draws left unplayed. Discounts are offered for longer subscriptions and customers are guaranteed to receive 100% of their prize money when they win.

  • CountryCyprus
  • Since 2007
  • Apps Mobile
  • Bet min $ 1
  • Bonus cashback100% bonus
  • Retrait 1-3 day
  • Simple
  • Syndicat
  • Systematic

WinTrillions donates a percentage of its revenue to good causes in Latin America and the website offers a wide range of bonuses, a VIP club, referrals and daily deals. WinTrillions Casino, launched in 2012, has also proven to be a successful extension of the brand, with many player choosing WinTrillions for their lotto tickets and online gaming.
The design of the website is simple, fun and intuitive, with regular promotions and bonus offers to keep players engaged.

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