Swiss Lotto Results | Swisslos Ergebnisse 11.04.2015

Swiss Lotto Results

Swiss Lotto Results for Saturday 11th April 2015

Swiss Lotto Results  was held  at 11 April 2015 was the amount of the jackpot a CHF 19 million numbers that come up are:

10  19  22  25  32  38   2

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Do your numbers ready for Saturday night? Do you have dreams that have not yet fulfilling them?

We wish you to take the jackpot and become the next millionaire! And fulfill all your dreams. Players can win by selecting six main numbers from a 1-42 range and an additional number from a 1-6 range. There are numbers that did not appear many lotteries:

They are: 2-18-22-6-32-23 and number bonus: 6.

The number sequence that more often are:

1-18-22-36-26-31 bonus number: 4

37-41-11-14-16-2 bonus number 3

It does not matter which route you choose, we wish you would take the jackpot rolls for a long time! And fulfill all your dreams.

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Lotteries that can make dreams come true

Eurojackpot will take place on Friday and the jackpot stands at € 43 million

La Primitiva will be held on the jackpot will be € 6.3 million

Greece – Joker will take place on Thursday and the jackpot is about € 1 million.

New Zealand – Powerball will take place on 10 April, jackpot will be NZD $ 6 Million.

Prize Breakdown

Category Winners Prize (CHF)
Match 6 +1 0-Rollover  – 
Match 6  0
Match 5 +1 15  10513.70 
Match 5  49  1000.00 
Match 4+1  558  169.50 
Match 4 2612  90.40 
Match 3+1  8798  27.15 
Match 3  42990 11.10 

Good luck for everyone !!!


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