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UK Thunderball Lotto results for Friday 08 January 2016

UK Thunderball Lotto results was held at 08 January 2016 was the amount of the jackpot £ 500 Thousand numbers that come up are:



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How do you take the jackpot UK Thunderball  ?

To take the jackpot of UK Thunderball each players has to guess 5 numbers from 1 to 39 and the bonus number from 1 to 14. Lottery takes place three times a week on Wednesdays Fridays and Saturdays. Lottery numbers who often are 39-27-15-1-8 and several bonus: 9.

Anyone can play in UK Thunderball  try to take a period of 500 pounds thousand three times a week! You can choose the numbers manually fixed numbers or press in quick pick!

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Powerball will take place on  jackpot stand at $ – million.

UK Lotto will take place on  jackpot stands at £ – million.

Prize Breakdown

Category Winners Prize (£)
Match 6      
Match 5 and Bonus Ball    
Match 5         
Match 4 and Bonus Ball         
Match 4          
Match 3 and Bonus Ball     
Match 3    


Good luck for everyone !!!


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