Louisiana Powerball Lottery

Five numbered white balls and a single red ball with a number if matched, is the key to a jackpot and a lifetime of riches.  Welcome to Louisiana Powerball where you can win millions with six numbers.  Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday and the ticket costs just $2.

Louisiana lottery has several games, which includes scratch cards, Lotto, Easy 5, Pick 4, etc. The Louisiana Powerball is just one of the games, but the one with the biggest prize. The jackpot can $40 million or higher in case the jackpot gets rolled over. The Louisiana lottery was started in 1991 and is promoted by the State government. The lottery was started as a means to increase the State’s revenues and has been successfully doing so. 35.5 per cent of the money accumulated through lottery sales goes to the Louisiana state’s treasury. This money is used for funding education and health programs in the State. 53% is reserved for prize money which gets accumulated in case prizes are unclaimed.

Powerball is played with six numbers. Five numbers are picked from 1 to 69. The sixth number is the Powerball numbers which is chosen from numbers 1 to 26. If all six are matched in the draw, the ticket owner wins the jackpot.  One line of numbers costs $2. There are ten lines in a ticket and the player can choose numbers in as many lines as he wants, by paying $2 for each. The player can select his own numbers or opt for Quik pick. Same numbers can be played multiple times.

There is also Power play, which can increase the non-jackpot prizes by the multiplier assigned to the draw; it may range from 1x to 5x. This way the winner stands the chance of taking home much more money. All that the player has to do is pay $1 per line extra at the time of purchasing the draw. Powerball play is not applicable to the jackpot. The prize money for this is capped at $2 million. The jackpot prize money is divided equally amongst all winners. Also the jackpot money is an annuity which is paid over 30 annual installments. This ensures that the winners use the money to make their lives better, by having a regular annual amount to pay off their house loans, car loans etc and have money left over for living expenses. If the winner wants it in cash up front, the amount will be lower.

Powerball tickets can be purchased through retailers. Draws can be watched on television and the winning numbers can also be checked online. For Louisiana Powerball, tickets can be purchased only by people above 21 years of age. All wins above $600 have to be claimed at the lottery office by signing required papers and tax has to be paid on lottery winnings.

Check the ticket thoroughly before leaving the retailer as later on no claims are entertained about misprinted tickets. Lottery is covered under gambling laws and should be played responsibly.


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