How Does The Health Lottery Work?

Health lottery is a scheme that has 51 society lotteries as its subset across the regions of Great Britain. Each region gets to play its society lottery by rotation. Covered by the Gambling Act, the Health lottery draws for different regions allow the participants living in different parts of Great Britain an equal chance at the winnings by rotation. Health lottery was started in October 2011 and is operated in Great Britain. So then how does the health lottery work?

The £1 Game permits the player to purchase 1 line per Draw at the cost of £1. The draw for this game is held 5 days a week, as of now on all days except Sunday and Monday. On each of the five days that the draw is held, a player has the chance to win the jackpot prize of £100000. The odds of winning the Health lottery jackpot are 1 out of 2.1 million. Till date the Health Lottery has given out £5.6 million in prizes and £70 million of funds raised through lottery ticket sales have been used for charities active in the field of healthcare in Britain. The purpose of Health lottery is to ensure healthcare equality and to create richer people through lottery winnings.

The player has to select 5 assorted numbers out of 50. As long as 3 numbers are matched with the numbers pulled out in the draw, the player stands to win. The prizes range from £50 for 3 matched numbers to £500 for four matching numbers to the top prize of £100000 for five matching numbers. The prizes in Health lottery are smaller as compared to other lotteries but since the odds are also less, the chance of winning at the Health lottery is much higher.

There are a number of instant result games that can be played online like Duck shoot, Wheels of steel, Hearts in a spin, Crazy eights, Shear luck, noughts and Crosses etc and the prizes range from £1000 upwards to £10000 that can be won and claimed instantly.

In Health Bingo, the lottery players can play Bingo, slots and casino games if they are above 18 years of age. Health Bingo is different from Health lottery. They are operated by different entities. By law,  the Health lottery must donate 20 percent of its proceeds from a society lottery to charity. In the case of Health Bingo, 20 percent of its profits have to be given to charity.

The Health lottery can be played by purchasing the ticket from any of its retailers across UK and it includes large retailers like Tesco, WHSmith, Morrisons etc. if the player wishes to open an online account, they can preselect their choice of numbers and the same set of numbers will be played in each draw.

The draw can be viewed on television and the results can also be checked online. As the Health lottery also comes under the Gambling Act, the players must be above 16 years of age. The payments are credited directly to the account in case of smaller sums and through customer service for large winnings.


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