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In Brief who is WinTrillions:

WinTrillions is the world’s largest lottery website. Since 2005, we’ve provided lottery fans with a trustworthy, transparent and legal way to play the best government-licensed lotteries from all over the world, over 50 games in total.
Owned by Ledonford Ltd, the WinTrillions messenger service has helped over 260,000 people win lottery prizes, playing for as little as $5 each week.

wingdHow to Play in WinTrillions:

You Choose –  Choose the official lottery, syndicate or millionaire raffle you want to play and select your numbers. Then setup your account and make your payment – It only takes a few minutes.

We Buy – Our local lottery agents will purchase your tickets

You Play – We will print your name on the back and send you a scanned copy via email (Syndicate tickets can be viewed in your WinTrillions account)

You Win – We will automatically credit your account when you win

WinTrillions Customer Service :

WinTrillions customers are notified when they win and winnings below $600 are transferred automatically to their WinTrillions account. For larger prizes, a dedicated winners’ support team is in place to process the claim.


WinTrillions prides itself on exceptional customer service, with dedicated teams on hand via email, phone or Live Chat to offer advice and support. There is also a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. WinTrillions’ goal is to provide you with the most satisfying lottery experience on the planet.

The bonus that you can find:

Join now and receive a 100% refund of up to $/£ 50 on your first order.

Good Luck !!!


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