Strange cases of lottery winners

Everyone wants to win the lottery every time you play a card you dream about winning right? And hopefully your dream will come true… But there are those that their dream come true and indeed won the lottery. And they received the amount of money they dreamed for many years whether their dreams come true? And have lost all their winning funds… So if you are the next millionaire Come and learn what not to do.

Count on your boss?

In 2010, an immigrant in USA called JOSE ANTONIA Georgia State held a lottery ticket and that he was lucky and won a prize of $ 750,000 but he was afraid to reach and get the prize.

Because he thought he would be expelled from the country and did not get his win. And so what he did gave the ticket to his boss to prevent his deportation and they agreed that his boss would take the Winning funds for him. But what actually happened His boss took the prize for him and said he owned. In 2012, according to a court decision the money was returned to JOSE ANTONIA after viewing surveillance camera footage of the ticket’s purchase.

What about throwing a million dollars in the trash ?


One day Oanne and Joseph Zagmi go out for shopping bought a lottery ticket and when they came home began to organize their shopping and threw the bags in the trash together with the lottery ticket. But miraculously realized they threw the card in the trash, and immediately searched for it and found it this ticket was worth to them $1 million. So the best way to play Lotto homing is via the Internet so the card will never get lost will be kept in a secure place and the results are always online.

Buying a ticket might check it?

If you bought a ticket yes… You should check it. Not like Ron Yurcus bought a lottery ticket and put it in the library in his home, and forget from the ticket and after three months when was cleaning his desk found there a number of lottery tickets. And found that one of them is worth $ 1 million. But when you buy a ticket online, you do not have to wait Three months when you clear your desk to check you won $ 1 million. If you won you get a SMS directly to your mobile phone, or alternatively get an email Hello the next millionaire ….

How a philanthropist you have to be?

A woman from New Jersey was lucky twice her total winnings were $ 4.5 million. She lost all her money when she decided not to be selfish then began to distribute the money to anyone who asked her. You also need to know when to stop when you donate money without acknowledgment.

Money does not always buy happiness

And this is the story of Bill Bob from Texas who won $ 31 million. He made a series of purchases of houses to his family and Friends, Cars, donating money, but found himself in two years Broke and without any; he could not bear it and killed himself. Even if you want to buy for family and friends think about yourself for a moment in your future.

When it comes to money does not trust the closest family

When it comes to winning it trust only on yourselves. A woman from the United States for 18 years played regularly Lottery, and long-awaited day has come and she won at $ 15 million. But she gave her son the ticket to bring the winning. And he took the money to him and claimed his own card…. This story came to court and the woman received the money in accordance with a court order back. But this story tells us we have won … do not let anyone the ticket.

We have seen some of the stories they have not been easy and the list of stories goes on… To not be a part of this list … you won? Save your money for yourselves also let the family and friends but with supervision .Do not forget that money is ending…. if you do not invest it right… Winning brings a lot of good things to life, and the opportunity for life much easier. Do not miss being the next millionaire.

Enter now and by the next big lottery ticket. And remember, when you win you will live the good life and enjoy the gift you have received.

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