North Carolina Powerball

Powerball is played separately in each State and offers huge jackpot amounts. North Carolina Powerball also known as the North Carolina Education lottery raises money for education in the state from the proceeds of ticket sales. The money thus collected is used to pay for classrooms, teachers’ salaries and tuition fees for young students. These funds are allocated in the State’s education budget as needed for the various state counties. Some of the areas where these funds are used are in construction of schools, free prekindergarten education, funding of school support manpower and college scholarships. About 26 percent of the money collected from lottery ticket sales are spent on the cause of promoting education in the state. The amount of funds has been increasing each year. Since North Carolina lottery has very exciting prizes, more and more people are enjoying playing the lottery. More than 62 percent goes to prize money. Of the Powerball tickets purchased, 50% is used for prize money, in the ratio of 20% for the jackpot and 30% for the other prizes.

The jackpot amount is humongous. Chances of winning a prize in this lottery are about 1 in 24, which means there is a very good chance of winning some prize. This lottery is played by choosing any five numbers from 1 to 69 and a Powerball number from 1 to26. All six numbers matched with the draw is the jackpot winner. The jackpot is always in excess of $40,000,000 and in case it is not won, it gets rolled over. There is no limit to the number of times it can get rolled over so the jackpot amount can be really high for some lucky winner.

There are any number of prizes, even if all six numbers are not matched. Just matching the Powerball number only or a Powerball number plus one other number wins 4 dollars. Matching any two numbers and the Powerball gets $7. The prize money keeps getting higher for matching 3,4, and 5 numbers and in case the Powerball number is also matched, for example, 4 numbers and Powerball gets $50,000.

The lottery also has a Power Play option. Power play has a multiplier effect on the winnings. The ticket buyer can opt for Power play at the time of purchasing the ticket by paying an additional amount of $1. The multiplier effect depends on the multiplier assigned to the draw and can be anything from 1x to 5x. 10x comes into play when the jackpot is less than $150 million and for prizes below $50,000.

North Carolina lottery was started in 2005 and underwent some changes in 2015 to make it more in tune with the times. Powerball has been running since 1992. The draw for North Carolina lottery is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10.59 pm.  Players must check whether they have won and claim their prizes within 180 days.  If you do play the lottery, remember that you have to play responsibly.


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